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FRS102.com Premium Toolkit 2.0

FRS102.com Premium Toolkit

The ultimate Financial Reporting resource for Accountants containing, section-by-section Video Analysis, Quick Guides, Detailed Guides, Difference Guides and Practical Examples as well as Disclosure Checklists, Financial Statements, Transition Case Studies for FRS 102, FRS 102 S1.A & FRS 105.

The transition to FRS 102 has been front and centre in most accountant’s minds over the past year. Now, on top of the ongoing challenge of FRS 102, we are also awaiting the introduction of FRS 105 and Section 1A FRS 102. Once legislated for, both FRS 105 and Section 1A FRS 102 will be of massive benefit to accountants. Of course, that is after you get up to speed with their practical application.

We believe the FRS102.com Premium Toolkit can save you and your practice 100s of hours of research. More importantly it can give you peace of mind that the decisions you make are done so with the backup of the most comprehensive Financial Reporting resource available to Irish SME Accountants.

In freeing you from the burden of the technical research and development of your suite of internal FRS 102 documentation, you will be released to spend time doing what you are best positioned to do – advising your clients how to grow and develop their businesses. This is where you can add the most value and generate the biggest results.

Your FRS 102 Premium Toolkit Content

Video Analysis

Over 28 hours of video providing detailed commentary and analysis of FRS 102, FRS 102 S1.A & FRS 105.

FRS 102 & FRS 105 Quick Guides

Section-by-section analysis providing a concise overview of FRS 102 & FRS 105.

Detailed Guides

1,358 pages of detailed guidance covering each section of FRS 102 and FRS 105.

FRS 102 Difference Guides

Section-by-section articulation of how FRS 102 and FRS 105 differs from old GAAP. Backed with real life examples.

Examples Under FRS 102

620 practical examples associated with their relevant sections to assist you apply the standard.

Transition Case Studies

Bringing you step-by-step through the transition to and from FRS 102, S1.A & FRS 105


Financial Statements

Comprehensive Library of FRS 102, FRS 102 S1.A, FRS 105 and Charity SORP FRS 102 Financial Statements.


Simple and Complex Transition Checklists with integrated examples. Comprehensive range of Disclosure Checklists.

FRS 102 Disclosure Examples

70 practical disclosure examples under FRS 102

Client Communications

Letters of Engagement, FRS 102 introduction letters. Re-brandable 35 Part Guide and Transition Flow Chart.

Hours of Video Content

Pages of Detailed Guidance

Practical Examples

Disclosure Examples

And all the Checklists you will ever need!!!

FRS102.com Premium Toolkit

This really is a no-brainer. The FRS102.com Premium Toolkit will save you and your practice or company 100s of hours of research, trial and error. More importantly you will have peace of mind that the decisions you make in the Transition Process and beyond are done so with the backup of the most comprehensive FRS 102 resource available. This is the quickest and least painful way to get up-to-speed and get ahead with FRS 102.

Just 2 of Our Premium Tools in Focus


Differences on Transition Checklist

This detailed Transition Checklist is integrated with 158 real life examples. The fully editable word version of this checklist contains live links to the practical examples you will need. As you work through the checklist, you can click the link and see the real life example supporting all the issues you are likely to encounter on transition.

Cost Amoritisation Tool

This formula driven Excel file lets you quickly calculate the amortisation cost or present value of non-market rate loans, which is critical for Section 11 of the FRS.


FRS102.com Premium Toolkit

We have invested thousands of hours in the development of the FRS102.com Premium Toolkit. FRS102.com is the most comprehensive FRS 102 resource in the market. We can save you hundreds of hours of research and give you the practical support and peace of mind you need to make the transition. We have been told that the value contained in The Premium Toolkit is far in excess of €1,000 and even at that price there would still be a massive return on investment.

Don’t worry though, it is going to cost you nothing close to that. So here is the deal:-

You get access to:-

The entire FRS102.com Premium Toolkit

  • Video Analysis
  • Quick, Detailed and Difference Guides
  • Financial Statements
  • Simple and Detailed Transition and Disclosure Checklists
  • Simple and Detailed Case Studies

As well as our Premium Toolkit 2.0 Updates:-

  • FRS 105 Video Analysis
  • FRS 105 – Quick Guide, Detailed Guide, Difference Guide and Financial Statements
  • FRS 105 Transition Case Study (From both FRS 102 and FRSSE)
  • Detailed and Simple FRS 105 Transition Checklist
  • Detailed and simple FRS 105 Disclosure Checklists
  • S1.A FRS 102 –  Quick Guide, Detailed Guide, Difference Guide and Financial Statements
  • S.1A Transition Case Study (From Old GAAP and FRS 102)
  • Detailed and simple S1.A FRS 102 Disclosure Checklists
  • SORP FRS 102 Sample Financial Statements
  • SORP FRS 102 Detailed Differences Guide
  • SORP FRS 102 Disclosures Checklist
  • Companies Bill 2016 Differences Guide

An Annual Subscription to the FRS102.com Premium Toolkit, which gives you access to all the above is just:-

€347 + vat

FRS102.com Premium Toolkit