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FRS 102 – 35 Part Guide

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FRS 102 35 Part Quick Guides

Section-by-section analysis providing a concise overview of FRS 102 in 100 pages.

FRS102.com Premium Toolkit

The ultimate FRS 102 resource for Accountants containing, section-by-section Video Analysis, Quick Guides, Detailed Guides, Difference Guides and Practical Examples as well as Disclosure Checklists, Financial Statements, Transition Case Studies and Client Communications.

The FRS102.com Premium Toolkit will save you and your practice or company 100’s of hours research, trial and error. More importantly you will have peace of mind that the decisions you make in the Transition Process and beyond are done so with the back up of the most comprehensive FRS 102 resource available. This is the quickest and least painful way to get up-to-speed and get ahead with FRS 102.